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发表于《J Biotechnol》2014年3期,引自http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24698846

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This review focuses on recent progress in the technology of high throughput (HTP) cultivation and its increasing application in quality by design (QbD)—driven bioprocess development. Several practical HTP strategies aimed at shortening process development (PD) timelines from DNA to large scale processes involving commercially available HTP technology platforms, including microtiter plate (MTP) culture, micro-scale bioreactors, and in parallel fermentation systems, etc., are critically reviewed in detail. This discussion focuses upon the relative strengths and weaknesses or limitations of each of these platforms in this context. Emerging prototypes of micro-bioreactors reported recently, such as milliliter (mL) scale stirred tank bioreactors, and microfludics integrated micro-scale bioreactors, and their potential for practical application in QbD-driven HTP process development are also critically appraised. The overall aim of such technology is to rapidly gain process insights, and since the analytical technology deployed in HTP systems is critically important to the achievement of this aim, this rapidly developing area is discussed. Finally, general future trends are critically reviewed.


白仲虎,男,1965年7月出生。第三批国家千人计划技术创新入选者(企业),江苏省双创个人和双创团队负责人。郑州博赛生物技术股份有限公司首席科学家,拜明(苏州)生物技术有限公司董事长,江南大学教授、博导。有多年在世界著名跨国公司强生(J & J)和葛兰素(GSK)从事产品和技术创新的经历,曾在欧洲微型生物反应器的研发与应用领域具有一定的影响力。(来源:百度百科)。


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